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7 Things You Can Do With Leftover Coffee

So maybe you thought you were going to drink way more coffee than you actually did. Or maybe you got so wrapped up your work that your carefully brewed cup is now a cold, abandoned mess. Don’t waste your coffee just yet. Why not reuse it? Once you know what to do with extra brewed

How to Make Coffee While Camping

The fresh smell of the air, millions of stars overhead, and great company around a warm fire are some the best parts of camping. But when the cold, damp morning rolls around, you need a steaming cup of coffee to warm you up and get you moving. Whether you’re camping on the side of a

The Complete Guide to French Press Coffee

If you’ve never had French press coffee, it’s smooth, rich, and indulgent. Very … French. Pair it with a fluffy croissant or some crêpes Suzette, and you’ll be in paradise. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t have it every day. You absolutely should! But maybe you could be making it a little better. In

How to Buy The Best Coffee Beans

Pour over. French press. Brew duration. Water temperature. You can refine your brewing methods and techniques all you want, but at the end of the day, the coffee beans you use are going to have the biggest effect on flavor. If you’re not buying the best coffee beans possible, you’re cheating yourself out of truly

How to Clean a Coffee Maker

Nobody dreams of sitting in a cozy chair, sipping on a steaming hot mug of chunky, sour, burnt coffee. If you’ve found yourself wondering why your coffee tastes bad, wonder no more. It’s probably taking a turn for the worse because your coffee maker is dirty. But we’re not just talking about a few stray

How to Make Iced Coffee

By now you’ve surely noticed them: clear plastic Starbucks cups, chewed green straws protruding, piled into overflowing trash cans in cities across our great nation. The reason for the influx of non-insulated containers for what’s alleged to be coffee is the gradual rise of the iced caffeinated beverage. Iced tea has been around for about as long as tea