23 Blended Iced Coffee Recipes For Hot Summer Days

Looking for that perfect blended ice coffee recipe you can make with your blender at home? I have some perfectly delicious blended iced coffee recipes below that are easy and affordable to make at home.

1. French Vanilla Blended Iced Coffee

French Vanilla Blended Iced Coffee 

Genius Kitchen uses cold brewed coffee to get this vibrant and rich French vanilla frozen coffee! Easy to make and just a little time before you can sip this through your straw. The recipe is over here.

2. Blended Double Chocolate Iced Coffee

 Blended Double Chocolate Iced Coffee 

Fork Knife Swoon has what any coffee and chocolate lover dreams of. This blended double chocolate coffee is where dreams are made of. Rich chocolate with bold coffee flavor. See how to make it.

3. Iced Frappe At Home

Iced Frappe At Home 

Simple Bites has a delicious and refreshing iced frappe that she can make at home. Easy to follow, basic ingredients and in minutes a chilled frappe in your hand. Here is her recipe.

4. Blended Caramel Coffee

 Blended Caramel Coffee 

Serve up this blended caramel coffee for dessert at your next dinner party. Life Love and Sugar shares her recipe that will win over anyone’s heart. Check out this sweet blended coffee recipe.

5. Dairy-Free Blended Iced Coffee

 Dairy-Free Blended Iced Coffee 

Cupcakes and Kale Chips has a dairy-free blended iced coffee recipe that she makes at home for a fraction of the price as buying in a coffee shop. See her easy and tasty recipe.

6. Thai Inspired Blended Iced Coffee

Thai Inspired Blended Iced Coffee

Immaculate Bites had me at Thai! This Thai blended iced coffee is full of vibrant flavor, they use coconut milk and condensed milk to get those rich elements of flavor. Head over for the recipe.

7. Frozen Mocha Coffee

Frozen Mocha Coffee 

Chocolate Covered Katie has one award-winning frozen coffee recipe on her blog. You get that creamy mocha coffee flavor in a frozen blended form. Learn how to make one for yourself.

8. Sweet Blended Iced Cappuccino

Sweet Blended Iced Cappuccino 

Port and Fin take a cappuccino and transform it into the perfect blended iced cappuccino. Sip on this outside on your deck after a long workday! Here is their recipe.

9. Blended Caramel Macchiato Recipe

Blended Caramel Macchiato Recipe 

Here is a frozen Caramel Macchiato recipe over at Around My Table, that you all might want to try. You get that sweet caramel flavor, whipped topping, mixed with perfectly blended iced coffee. Check out the recipe.

10. Simple Coffee Slush

Simple Coffee Slush 

3-Ingredients is all that is required to make this Simple Coffee Slush recipe, that the Frugal Girls shared. Vibrant in flavors and thirst-quenching good. Here is the recipe.

11. Decadent Blended Mocha Coffee

Decadent Blended Mocha Coffee 

Foodie Crush whipped up this rich and decadent blended mocha coffee that is perfect to start the day with or treat yourself after a long day. Chilled, refreshing and full of mocha and coffee flavors. Head here for the mocha coffee recipe.

12. 65-Calorie Caramel-Nilla Blended Coffee

65-Calorie Caramel-Nilla Blended Coffee 

Dreaming DIY took a recipe and made it skinny for anyone who wants that caramel frozen coffee flavor without a large amount of sugar. This is only 65-calories and no one will notice. See the recipe here.

13. Dunkins CopyCat Skinny Frozen Coffee Recipe

Dunkins CopyCat Skinny Frozen Coffee Recipe 

Shaken Together Life shares how simple it is to make the Dunkin Donuts Copycat Recipe for the Skinny Frozen Coffee. Basic ingredients and a blender is all you need. See for yourself here.

14. Copycat Mocha Frap From Mc’Donalds

Copycat Mocha Frap From Mc'Donalds 

The Chunky Chef shares her copycat recipe for the Mocha Frap from Mc’Donalds. In about five minutes you can blend up this magical drink. She uses frozen coffee cubes as the base for that rich coffee flavor in each sip. Learn how she makes it.

15. Blended Cinnamon Iced Lattes

Blended Cinnamon Iced Lattes 

An Edible Mosiac shares how she created this blended cinnamon iced latte recipe, that gives you a hint of spice from the cinnamon. If you have never paired coffee and cinnamon, give it a try. Here is her recipe.

16. Easy Blended Nutella Iced Coffee

Easy Blended Nutella Iced Coffee 

Take your love for coffee and Nutella and create this blended Nutella iced coffee like Kiki Cuppycakes did. You get that hazelnut flavor with a mix of coffee. Check out the recipe.

17.  Quick and Easy Blended Iced Coffee

Quick and Easy Blended Iced Coffee 

Simply Being Mommy shares how you can make a homemade iced blended coffee at home in minutes. Get that hit of caffeine in a chilled blended coffee form. Here is her recipe.

18. Frosted Coffee

Frosted Coffee 

A Night Owl shares how to make a frosted coffee. Flavored coffee, creamer, ice cream and more come together to create this creamy frosted coffee. Head here to see this recipe.

19. Frozen Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Frozen Pumpkin Spice Coffee 

Mama Loves Food shares her favorite frozen coffee drink, her pumpkin spice. Perfect for Fall and you can taste the flavors of the holidays with each sip. Click here for the recipe.

20. Vanilla Bean Frappuccino Copycat Recipe

Vanilla Bean Frappuccino Copycat Recipe 

Eating on a Dime loves whipping up this Copycat recipe at home to get that smooth vanilla bean frappuccino that she would get from Starbucks. Cheaper and you can make any time of the day. See the recipe here.

21. Bulletproof Frozen Mocha

Bulletproof Frozen Mocha 

730 Sage Street shares how she gets her morning fix with this low carb bulletproof frozen mocha. Quick and easy and a nice low carb treat. The recipe is here.

22. Frozen Black Forest Mocha Coffee

Frozen Black Forest Mocha Coffee 

Thee Olives Branch has a frozen black forest mocha coffee recipe up for grabs. You get that coffee flavor that has flavorful cherries and mocha popping through. Try this recipe today.

23. Tiramisu Frozen Blended Coffee

Tiramisu Frozen Blended Coffee 

Certified Pastry Aficionado took the time to share her delicious Tiramisu frozen blended coffee. One of your favorite Italian treats in a coffee form! Here is the recipe.

Are you drooling yet? I know I am and off to make a frozen iced coffee!

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